Community Centre

The world-renowned Hare Krishna Food For Life initiative of providing healthy wholesome food for soul, mind and body will be the core activity of the community centre. Equipped with a commercial grade kitchen to cater for over 5,000 meals a day, and a dining hall to accommodate over 250 visitors at any time, millions of sanctified meals (prasadam) will be provided in the years to come, to the rich and poor, from all cultures and communities.

Multi-purpose rooms will host yoga and meditation sessions, vedic weddings. Classrooms and a library will facilitate scriptural studies, music & arts classes for young and old, along with “Sunday School” for children.

Other Attractions:

  • Samskaras – vedic ritual ceremonies
  • Chaplaincy & counselling services
  • Children’s playground
  • Parking facility for over 130 cars
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Café
  • Community Shop
  • Guest Accommodation
  • Landscaped gardens including Tulasi House